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Why is it a good idea to keep WordPress plugins updated?


How many times have you logged into your WordPress Content Management System and noticed outstanding updates on your dashboard.


Not sure what to do?


What impact could not updating them have on your website?


In this short blog post, we will try to answer these questions:


1 – Simply clicking ‘update’ could be detrimental to the functions running on your website. The majority of plugins in the WordPress community are third party developed and any new releases could alter the way the plugin functions. In short, it’s really worth contacting your web design company to check if updating will potentially create an issue.

2 – Always make sure you have either version control or a recent back up before you update the plugins. Should the worst happen, you’ll have something to quickly fall back on.


3 – Security is also an important consideration. There are often ‘bugs’ in software, especially in early releases of software. Bugs can expose software to potential hacking weaknesses, therefore, it is important to update plugins where possible, to ensure that your exposure to hacking is limited.


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