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5 of the most successful websites of 2016 – including the ultimate of all time!

Digital Marketing

Before designing anything within the agency we all look at some of our favourite websites for inspiration or even work on some targeted research. We always come across some thought provoking sites which thanks to the power of the internet we are able to take inspiration from.

So, we thought it would be fun to share our top 5 website designs in 2016 and of course our all-time favourite:



1. Bees Taylors Tea – Food Product

I don’t feel we have to say much about this website… I mean, it speaks for its self! Everyone loves a mini show reel – it’s always the best way to show who you are, what you do, and where you do it! I think our favourite has to be The Queen Bee Suite with ‘Beyoncé’ in the background as a shrine. Not only is it engaging but the whole intro to the website portrays respect and understanding for the importance of tea and of course where it generates from – our bees! I think a lot of people can take supermarkets for granted and it’s nice to see a product show casing that their brand would not be possible without us looking after nature.



2. Grime London – History

Now this site we came across whilst browsing on Awwwards. This website not only proves to be an interesting read of London’s history but the design concept fills you with the creepy fear of the truth about ghosts and witches. They say we are never more than 3 feet from a rat in London – our capital city is rich with history, some of it disturbingly creepy. London’s dark past is well recorded, but the ghosts, ghouls and ghastly bits have never been brought together online.. until now!



3. The Outline – News Publication

The Outline was founded by the founders of The Verge a multimedia site which examines how technology will change life in the future. The Outline has 3 major areas, Power (who has it, who wants it, and what do they do when they get it), Culture (the way we live and communicate) and Future (where we’re going next) – this new online publication is re-inventing what modern websites should look and feel like. The publication produced the website to tell stories right and in the right way that is meaningful and modern. This is because they think a whole other narrative is happening in the world that is unseen, underreported or dismissed altogether – therefore, feeding curiosity and intelligence with as much respect and honesty as possible.



4. Regnskogfondet – Save The Rainforest – Charity

‘Do we really want to be the generation who destroyed the rainforest’? This inspirational website educates you into why it’s important for us all to come together and protect the rainforest! This type of motion video always engages the audience for longer, adding elements of education, storytelling, videos and pictures of not only the forest and the animals living within but also the native people who rely on our support to keep their way of life sustainable for the future. We love this website because it’s not easy to always tell a story in 10 seconds but they have definitely achieved this – become a supporter today to help keep the rainforest and native history alive!



5. Jurassic Park – The Ultimate of All Time

So, we couldn’t write a website review without mentioning the ultimate website. The Jurassic Park website was produced before the modern film came out in 2015 ‘Jurrassic World’, so there were a lot of questions flying around ‘is this real’, ‘can you actually buy tickets and go and visit’? For only a day the website changed when the film was released where they showcased on their news tab visitors running away from dinosaurs and lots of drama – and then it went back to its original format the next day! They always push the details to perfection and create the over whelming drama of fear and shock whilst sat at your laptop. The producers of Jurassic Park are playing on world history of dinosaurs and bringing them into modern society today – the website plays a part in these stories with over 100 alerts a day –  meeting Dr DNA at 12.15, feeding the triceratops at 15.00, Gondola tour in 15 mins, to Churros baked at 12.00. If you love dinosaurs, history and learning  then this is right up your street! This website was produced by Trailed Park.