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5 tips and tricks on how to engage with your customers in a flash and how this will benefit your SEO

Digital Marketing

Most experts would agree that content is key when advertising your business online. Engaging weekly with your followers is important when building trust and long-lasting business relationships with your readers.


Digital marketing is a scary world and a lot of people don’t understand why marketing their company online will benefit their business in the long run.


However, there are key benefits when creating a presence online: SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, is a simple activity to ensure a website can be found in search engines, using a variety of key words and phrases which are relevant to the business. Not only this, but creating profiles and being present on different types of digital resources such as, Facebook, Twitter, Website or Blog will also help you achieve a better search ranking for your company.


Here are 5 tips and tricks on how to engage with your customers and why this will benefit your SEO:


  1. Key Words:

You can use different resources such as your blog to target key words or phrases you would like to use which will create content around a topic.

For example, if you are a public house and you want to be on the first page of your local town or city you would need to include the location within your posts.


‘Best pub in Cheltenham’

‘Top pub crawls in Cheltenham’

‘Best places to eat and drink in Cheltenham’

‘Child and dog friendly pubs in Cheltenham’


The more you post these topics the higher you will eventually be ranked, make sure you are posting key words and you should start to see some great results!


  1. Backlinks:

Google description of our beloved backlinks: ‘An incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website.’ It is as simple as this!


The more backlinks you achieve, the more popular your website will be. This is an important aspect when increasing your SEO, not only is it credible to your business when someone backlinks your content, but it also helps with your brand awareness within their following.


Generally, you will need to provide sharable content which is useful for people to start linking back to you and sending some of their custom traffic towards your business.


We must consider possible negative association with backlinks too, it’s important to check the company who shared your content to make sure they have a good set of domain metrics, otherwise it can have a negative impact. Therefore, it’s always important to investigate every backlink.

  1. Social Sharing

Most of us understand the basics of social interaction such as, likes, comments and shares. But how does this help with your SEO ranking?


You will not tempt people to share your content if it’s not eye catching and informative. Therefore, ‘content is key’ to achieve as many shares as possible.


The other key aspect of social sharing, is making it as easy as possible for people to share the content. For instance, include a share button on your blog posts for easy access and user-friendly experience. If you get stuck, there are many apps available on devices now for social media sharing, such as, Repost which is used for Instagram.


It is easy to share to multiple social networks, but you can also share via email campaigns. When sending out newsletters, it is super easy to embed icons when using manageable sites such as, Mailchimp.


  1. Infographics:

Infographics are a great way to advertise a topic quickly and effectively, rather than chunks of text. Google image search is just as powerful as the text search, and it’s always better to be on two lists instead of just one!


According to Janette Speyer (Partner at Web Success Team and Hot Ice Media), “If you use Google, you have the option to search for images. Once you put alt tags, keywords, and titles on your infographics, your blog will be easier to find [in the image search].


Infographics are pointless unless they are eye catching and clearly show the call to action in a flash! Therefore, make sure your infographic is clear and concise, and you consider all branding guidelines.


  1. Google local listing

Being present in your local listings is very important when considering all the other tips above. If your company information is not up to date, Google will not be able to locate you as a local business within your area. So, make sure it is all up to date!


Local results are based primarily on relevance, distance and prominence. This is how Google calculates your business as the best result within a relevant search. This tip also links back to ‘Key Words’, making sure all words are relevant and consistent within your business posts to make sure Google understands who, what and where you are.


Following the tips above, is a great start to creating a presence and a community online! Don’t over load yourself with loads of content and deadlines, start with making sure all business information is up to date and go through each step to achieve the best practice on how to increase your company SEO!