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6 Networking Tips for Your Next Event

Digital Marketing

At XIST2, we like to not only share our knowledge on the Digital Marketing Industry, but we also enjoy meeting new people and learning different types of industry tips and tricks.


Love it or hate it, networking is essential to any modern- day business or business professional to take part in. They can open up all sorts of new avenues such as:


  • B2B Sales
  • New Contracts
  • New Employees
  • Professional Relations


And above all it’s a great researching tool for any start up business or entrepreneur for making connections and learning about competition.


Some people think that networking is just something that happens and you can turn up with no planning, but this doesn’t work for some individuals. It is always important to plan, such as, finding out what the networking event theme is and making sure you are attending the right one. If you are the expert in the field or alternatively looking to learn more, it’s always a good idea to plan what you would like to achieve from the event.


If you are keen on networking you probably have a few events pencilled in the dairy this year, here are some networking tips for your next event:


  1. Take your Business Cards

This is such a basic tip – but so many people forget to bring them and writing your details on a napkin is very 90’s. Make sure you have backups, in your wallet or your purse in case you have a busy night and don’t forget to ask for theirs in return as it’s important to trade. You can easily purchase professional business cards on websites such as, Moo and Vistaprint.


  1. Ask Lots of Questions

If you are creating new relationships or even meeting regular faces, don’t make it all about you. It’s important to show interest in the other party and ask lots of questions to keep them engaged. Make sure its relevant and not random blurb, all the time, be asking yourself: ‘What can I offer this person?’ and you may come out of the event with new ideas, insights and connections.


  1. Be a Matchmaker

Being the ‘one in the know’ is a great position to be in and people will always come to you for advice or connections. When you’re able to assit people in this way, you put yourself in a more respected position.

  1. Be the one with the Great Hand Shake and Smile

There is nothing worse than a limp/ floppy/ uninspiring handshake, everyone always remembers the one with the rubbish handshake – so make sure every time it’s firm with welcoming eye contact.


  1. Have your Elevator Pitch Ready

This is all about a short and a concise version of you, where you share about who you are, what you do, where you work and what your goals are.


‘Hi, I’m Charlotte Manners. I work as the Marketing representative at XIST2, we are a digital marketing agency who create awesome websites! We are always looking for new connections in the industry and create new relationships with local businesses.’


  1. The Next Day….

Make sure you box your new business card contacts and of course send any follow up emails to any new leads. Add them to your LinkedIn Network to make sure you don’t lose any good contacts.