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How to go about writing a website redesign brief

Digital Marketing

Research – Take your time to have a good look around at the website you use the most, what do you like about them? What’s so good about them? What’s bad about them? Also look at your competition and how they have approached the same challenge. Make as many notes as possible as these will be useful to the designer and web agency when scoping the project.


Stay focused on your project – Be absolutely clear about what you want to achieve and your goals for the project.  Be as specific as you can, using phrases like ‘we want to be able to update some bits of the website ourselves’ is far too ambiguous. Ambiguity tends to be punished by high costs to cover all eventualities.



Even if you have the solution avoid writing it – Let the agency fill in the blanks and come up with the solution. Avoid influencing them, they may come up with an alternative that you had never thought of.

Avoid locking the project down, keep flexibility in mind – As website plans come together and the site map and wire frames are created its inevitable that things will change. Your opinions will be influenced so allow room for these changes and make it clear to the agency that this needs to be factored for. The last thing you want to do is end up with a website that you arnt 100% happy with!


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