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How to make sure you’re not tied to one agency


Working with an agency to develop your website is a no-brainer. Many organisations won’t have the resource in-house to produce a high-quality lead generating website, so collaboration is key. That said, you don’t necessarily want to find yourselves tied to one agency.

With that in mind, below we have shared the key elements of an agency partnership that will allow you to have independence.


CMS – Content Management System


When choosing a CMS, it is important to make sure you’re not tied to one agency. A custom-built CMS can be great but bear in mind that it will tie you to the developers that built it. This will leave you attached to the agency for the life of your website.

Using an open source CMS such as WordPress gives you flexibility and access to thousands of developers worldwide.




Before we go live with any website, we take our clients through CMS training. Training your in-house teams will not only allow you to be more cost and time efficient, but it will also give you total control of your website from day one.




An often-overlooked aspect of a website project is photography. There are two strands to the photography on your website:


  • Stock photography – double check that your contract with the agency means that you own the rights to use and display these images
  • Photography taken specifically for the project – make sure any images are owned by you and not the agency


Both of these will give you independence from an agency but also allow you to use images you’ve paid for on other projects.

Account Log-ins


We can’t stress this enough. Making sure there is a master log-in to both your website and other platforms such as Google Analytics makes business sense.

When we set up websites, we make sure there are a number of people across the organisation with admin rights. These can range from Super-Admins to Contributors. We will also make sure we have Super-Admin rights, so you have a future backup if needed.


Freedom is yours for the taking!


We see these behaviours as best practice in web design and development. In fact, we’re so passionate about it we make sure it’s at the core of what we do. We want to educate both the wider industry and the next generation of digital marketers, web designers and developers about the importance of agency independence.

Giving our clients the ability to be agency independent makes us work harder and smarter. We build partnerships and become an extension of your in-house team. We know that the work we produce and the relationships we build mean that clients will wantto work with us in the future, rather than haveto work with us.


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