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EAC – Brand Redesign
Creative Studio

What Was Needed

EAC is well known for its experience in the educational sector and has some great schools on their portfolio. The business also operates in the commercial sector, and as they are growing quickly EAC decided to make a change and be more consistent with their plans. They were keen to re-brand and modernise their business from new colours and fonts to eventually designing and developing a new website.



What We Did

We worked with EAC on a branding project to modernise their brand. We began the project with a discovery workshop where we had a creative brainstorm meeting with key members of the team to ensure that any relevant information was collected and used within the project effectively. From this we created a mood board to show the clear direction of the new branding, at this point we also discussed any major competition. From this workshop we created a clear design brief, a full understanding of the business, any parameters we had to work in and a solid visual direction we could pursue.


We use a design-sharing platform called InVision, this tool is web based and allows multiple people to view the designs and comment on them. Once the design was agreed a brand manual was produced to ensure that there was an official document to refer to when future design work is carried out.


            The thought of re-branding was exciting for EAC as we had used the same logo for over 10 years and it really wasn’t the best! However trying to get 3 members of the Management Team to agree wasn’t an easy task, but Xist2 took it all in their stride. Each meeting was effective and the brainstorming sessions worked well to ensure all of our ideas were discussed. Xist2 spent time understanding us as a business, how we work, our personalities and who our customers are. All of these aspects helped us talk about colours, fonts and images and most importantly how we wanted to look in front of clients and prospects.

We are thrilled with the final design and it’s great to have colours that represent each industry in our customer base, something we had never considered before meeting Xist2. The brand manual produced by Marion was fantastic and exactly what we needed to ensure the whole company were using the same font, colour, size etc how did we ever work without one?

Alex has been a constant contact source for us, making sure that everything gels together between both Xist2 and EAC team which is invaluable if you have a number of people working on a project.

Thanks Xist2!

Emma David, General Manager - EAC – Brand Redesign