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What We Do

At XIST2, we believe in turning dreams into reality, by working together we offer a variety of digital marketing services.


We run a creative design studio where we design and develop innovative websites with a carefully optimised user experience, forward thinking collateral, and digital marketing support.


Our talented in-house designers aim to create designs which not only hit targets, but also deliver results.

 For more information on our Website Design in Swindon and Graphic Design in Oxford.



  • Print Materials

    Our creatives have honed their talents across Europe, working on multiple global design projects – so we’re well versed in translating your big vision into print, page or poster.


    Whether you need a brand refresh, a new brochure, campaign artwork or a smart logo, we’ll deliver the designs you’re dreaming of.


    Corporate identity could hardly be more important in the modern business world, and at XIST2, we give the creative process the care and thought it requires.


    Let us find a way to represent your business in graphical form, through logo and branding concepts that are strong, smart, meaningful and memorable.

    Motion Design

    We can provide ‘moving’ media in every sense of the word – creating videos and animations that engage your audience and demand a reaction.


    With industry tools like After Effect in our armoury, our motion design services include video editing, 2D animation work, sound editing and more.


    With talented illustrators very much part of the picture here, we can provide the bespoke freehand and digital illustrations you need to bring your marketing messages to life.

    Design Retainer Services

    With a full suite of services available, consider XIST2 your new outsourced design department – providing quality, continuity and the reassurance of pre-agreed costs.


    A one-stop shop for all your design needs, we can arrange a retainer around your forecasted promotions and marketing activity, and even help design that marketing strategy itself.

  • Development

    Through every stage of the design and development process, we’re determined to deliver solutions that increase engagement, drive sales and boost your bottom line.


    That means designing a site that attracts and appeals to your target audience.


    It means proper consultancy on the right Content Management System or E-Commerce system to use.


    It means developing a site that works with Google, too, making sure your messages can be seen and heard.


    In short, we don’t just create the website you want, we create the one you need. Areas we cover


    In designing and developing websites that work for your business, we understand the importance of planning, evaluating and designing the user journey – ensuring your customers can quickly and effectively find the information they need.


    With User Experience (UX) design expertise in-house, you can trust us to point you (and your customers) in the right direction.


    Once rather specialist, websites built on CMS (Content Management Systems) are now the norm – with plenty of platforms available ranging from WordPress to Drupal.


    We’ll advise on the plethora of CMS platforms available and construct the website that’s right for you – whether through our own in-house coding capabilities, or by working with a third-party provider.


    Want to talk shop? From simple shopping cart plug-ins to full-scale online megastores, we can design and develop an e-commerce solution that works smoothly and securely.


    Allow us to advise on payment systems and e-commerce platforms, and to design a website that converts all those potential browsers into fully-fledged paying customers.


    Hardly a service to set the pulse racing – but just know, if you need web hosting, we’ve got you covered.


    We provide simple, easy-to-understand web hosting packages, ensuring your site is hosted on a reliable server for high performance – and we won’t change you a fortune for the privilege.

  • Digital Strategy

    With more ways than ever to connect with your customer, it’s important to recognise that a website is merely the tip of the internet iceberg. From SEO to email to social media and content marketing, there’s a whole other raft of digital opportunities to discover too.


    At XIST2, we can help you devise a digital strategy that capitalises on those opportunities, and effectively builds your brand online. We’ll review your business, your current activity and your marketplace, identifying which opportunities, tools and platforms are right for you – then we’ll set about making things happen.

    Digital Consultancy

    As friendly a bunch as we are, we’re not afraid to speak out when we know something’s not right. That’s what real consultancy is all about.


    So, if you feel your website is underperforming, let us take a look under the hood and see what we can show up.


    Experts in all things online, we take great pride in helping you to set things straight and better your business – even if that means you carrying out our recommendations with your existing agency or partner.


    Google is the biggest player in town right now, and as search becomes an ever more important part of the digital mix, it’s crucial to have some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) support in place.


    Just as a good website should have optimisation seamlessly woven into its foundations, we at XIST2 have SEO expertise running right through the core of the team.


    Our designers, developers and project managers are all well versed with the latest SEO techniques and algorithm changes, ensuring it’s top of our priorities at every stage of a website project.

    Email Marketing

    Long hailed as a cost-effective communication tactic, the rise and rise of email marketing means you’re now doing battle with countless other comms every time you send out a message.


    At XIST2, we pull out all the stops to help you get your voice across – using the latest platforms to ensure safe delivery, the sharpest subject lines to intrigue the recipient, and creative content to encourage engagement every time.

  • Technical Support

    When you cut the ribbon on your brand new website, you won’t be severing all ties with XIST2. Long after launch, we’ll continue to provide any support, advice or training you need to get the very best out of your site.


    That might take the shape of ongoing strategic work too – SEO campaigns or social media work to help engage your audience and make sure that wonderful new website gets all the attention it deserves.

    Managed Content Support

    By building your website on a CMS platform, we give you the power to make changes and add new content to your site in-house. But we recognise too, that you won’t always have the time, inclination or internal resource to manage content additions yourself.


    That’s why we offer a Managed Content Support service – taking the responsibility for creating, uploading and changing your website content when you can’t find enough hours in the day.

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